Managed Services

Being the largest company in Tanzania offering the passive and active site power maintenance, this has continued to be our core business for over 15 years of operation. We have trained engineers throughout Tanzania and Malawi attending to telecom sites for passive or active telecom related issues. Our site management portfolio has over 2000 telecom sites within our management 24/7.


Managed Services Involves

Generator Services

A major component in our power business, generator service is increasingly a busy project line for NEWL. We provide overhauling services for the network operators, tower companies, banks and other corporate companies in our 4 major workshops in the Tanzania and 1 in Malawi.

Grid Connection Services

From 1998, NEWL has been involved in grid installations and maintenance for the national electricity supplier, Tanesco (Tanzania power provider) amid network operators. Our team of power engineers are well trained, experienced and dedicated to this work.

We are undertaking a similar scope of work in Malawi with the ESCOM, the local power generating company and the other Telecom operators.